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How to Produce Inner Peace PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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 How to Produce Inner Peace


 Living in such a hectic world full of problems,  distractions,and changes creates a big inner din and identify issues. So if you're like most of people, please read on.

1. Try to be alone for some time: stay in a quiet place, think about yourself, your life, your beliefs, your values, your passions, your feelings... and evaluate every area of your life.


2. Find out your qualities and your defaults. Invest your qualities and transform your defaults into qualities to boost your personality- by knowing your strengths and weaknesses you'll become more stable.


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3. Try to immerse yourself in new activities and new cultures. By doing that you'll be in search for your ego, you'll surely find a peace of your puzzle in each culture or activity.



4. Meditate: meditation will provide you an extreme inner silence and self knowledge.


Meditation will provide you an extreme inner silence and self knowledge.



5. Love yourself for who you are, love the world, love people, be in alignment with nature and creatures. Try to love unconditionally and don't look at the world critically. Life is good!!



6. Enjoy your presence, enjoy the NOW! look around you, look at the objects, smell the air feel it, listen to every sound, deprive yourself from your past, forget your story, deprive yourself from your future, focus on your present you're in the NOW ;you're quiet, peaceful, happy and clear.



7. Forgive: forgive yourself, forgive people, forgive the universe. This sounds a little bit uphill, but just try it. Every night before you go bed, dust off your heart from grief and envies, format your mind from all the destroying viruses!



8. Be grateful: grateful for your precious life, your family, your loved ones, be grateful for the air you breathe, the water you drink and the health you're enjoying. Just remember the nice things you have and BE GRATEFUL!




          • Life is a journey, not a destination, so lay down your regrets cause all you have is now!!

          • Be yourself, you are the only person stopping you from the person you want to be


 Source From Website : http://www.wikihow.com/


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