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How to Realise You Are Lucky PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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It is easy and normal to have moments where you feel depressed or down on yourself. If you have these moments often, or are having a day where you feel very unlucky, here is how to help yourself realise that you actually are lucky, and should feel happy.



Write a luck list.  

1 Write a luck list.  Have you ever felt that you weren't lucky? Lots of people feel that they aren't lucky, and that no one has it worse than them. Truth is, a lot of people probably have it worse than you. Here's a good way to realize how lucky you really are.

           • Get a sheet of paper. If you plan to make a luck list on a regular basis, you may wish to get a notebook or journal.

           • Label your paper 'My Luck List'.

           • Record everything good that has happened to you today. They can be extraordinary things, or things normally taken for granted, like being healthy, or things that are extremely obscure and apply only to you, like seeing a pretty flower.

           • The moment something happens to you that makes you feel lucky or good, write it down in the notebook.

           • Occasionally read over your list to help you realize how lucky you are.

           • Finished.

           • Don't force yourself to think of things. If you can't think of anything, just put the notebook in a safe place for a while.


Think about things you normally take for granted, such as having hot water or the Internet. 


2 Think about things you normally take for granted, such as having hot water or the Internet. Challenge yourself go without it. If you find it is too important to do without, consider how lucky you are to have access to it.


 What Earth Would Look Like If Only 100 People Lived Here


 Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet; 48 live on less than $2 a day; 75 have cell phones; and 87 would have safe water.

Courtesy of Jack Hagley

Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet; 48 live on less than $2 a day; 75 have cell phones; and 87 would have safe water.




Listen to, watch or read the news every once in a while.

3 Listen to, watch or read the news every once in a while. You're sure to hear about plenty of bad things happening to people around the world. Consider how lucky you are not be involved.



4 Remember positive things that have happened to you in the past. Think about the circumstances that created those events and whether they can be recreated. If not, consider how lucky you are that everything co-ordinated to make that event occur.



5 Remind yourself of how lucky you are. Remind yourself that you're lucky just to have running water, food to eat whenever you want it, good health, and even access to a computer. Here's how you do it:

           • Understand how fortunate you are compared to most people in the world. Remind yourself that many people in the world do not have many basic things that you take for granted. It's likely that you've never had to deal with real hunger, that you're healthy and can see a doctor fairly easily, that you have enough clothes to stay warm, and that you don't feel oppressed in the place where you live. This is more than many people can say.

Starving children in kenya




          • Don't let things discourage you from reaching your goal.

          • If you have a home, a roof to sleep under, a fridge with food and 3 meals a day, you are luckier than 75% of the people in the world.




Source from Website : http://www.wikihow.com


 The world as 100 people


The world population has now reached 7 billion people. This milestone inspired us to conduct research to update our statistics, and the changes over the past 5 years are remarkable. In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education-- today that number has jumped to 7 thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia.

If the World were 100 PEOPLE:

Gender                         50 would be female
                                      50 would be male

Age                              26 would be 0-14
                                    66 would be 15-64
                                     8 would be 65 and older



Geography                 60 would be from Asia
                                    15 would be from Africa
                                    11 would be from Europe
                                     9 would be from Latin America & the Caribbean
                                     5 would be from North America



Religion                       33 would be Christian
                                    22 would be Muslim
                                    14 would be Hindu
                                      7 would be Buddhist
                                   12 would believe in other religions
                                   12 would not be religious or identify themselves  as being aligned with a particular faith



First Language          12 would speak Chinese
                                     5 would speak Spanish
                                     5 would speak English
                                     3 would speak Arabic
                                     3 would speak Hindi
                                     3 would speak Bengali
                                     3 would speak Portuguese
                                     2 would speak Russian
                                     2 would speak Japanese
                                   62 would speak other languages


Overall Literacy           83 would be able to read and write
                                       17 would not



Literacy by Gender      88% of males would be able to read and write
                                    12% of males would not be able to read and write
                                    79% of females would be able to read and write
                                    21% of females would not be able to read and write


Education                    76% of eligible males would have a primary school education
                                     72% of eligible females would have a primary school education

                                     66% of eligible males would have a secondary school education
                                     63% of eligible females would have a secondary school education

                                      7 would have a college degree



Urban/Rural                  51 would be urban dwellers
                                     49 would be rural dwellers




Drinking Water               87 would have access to safe drinking water
                                      13 would use unimproved water




Food                             15 would be undernourished
Infectious Disease         <1% would have HIV/AIDS
                                      <1%would have tuberculosis




Poverty                           48 would live on less than $2 USD per day
                                        1 out of 2 children would live in poverty




Electricity                       78 would have electricity
                                      22 would not




Technology                    75 would be cell phone users
                                      30 would be active internet users
                                      22 would own or share a computer



Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet 




Sanitation                      65 would have improved sanitation
                                      16 would have no toilets
                                      19 would have unimproved toilets



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