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Is overpopulation a problem? PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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India 'to overtake China's population by 2022' - UN

India to Surpass China’s Population by 2022 


 How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth (Part 1)




A new UN study of global population trends predicts that India will overtake China to become the world's most populous nation by 2022.


The report also says that Nigeria will replace the US as the world's third most populous country by around 2050.


Africa is expected to account for more than half of the world's population growth over the next 35 years.


The current world population of 7.3 billion will reach 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100, it predicts.


The new projection has India overtaking China's population six years earlier than previously predicted.


The reports says half of the world's population growth between 2015 and 2050 is expected to be concentrated in nine countries: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, the United States, Indonesia and Uganda.


The populations of 28 African countries are projected to more than double, and by 2100, 10 African countries are projected to have increased by at least a factor of five.


"The concentration of population growth in the poorest countries presents its own set of challenges, making it more difficult to eradicate poverty and inequality, to combat hunger and malnutrition," said John Wilmoth, Director of the UN's Population Division.


India to Surpass China’s Population by 2022

India to Surpass China’s Population by 2022


 How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth (Part 2)



          By 2100, the world's population is expected to reach 11 billion people.  As of today, we're at 7.23 billion and counting, according to the U.S. Census World Clock.  Whether you agree or disagree, overpopulation has become a major challenge and concern for countries around the world.



          The recent rapid increase in human population over the past three centuries has raised concerns that the planet may not be able to sustain present or larger numbers of inhabitants. The InterAcademy Panel Statement on Population Growth, circa 1994, has stated that many environmental problems, such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global warming, and pollution, are aggravated by the population expansion.   Other problems associated with overpopulation include the increased demand for resources such as fresh water and food, starvation and malnutrition, consumption of natural resources (such as fossil fuels) faster than the rate of regeneration, and a deterioration in living conditions. Wealthy, but highly populated territories like Britain remain in situations in which they rely on food imports from overseas.   The problem was severely felt during the World Wars in which, despite food efficiency initiatives like "dig for victory" and food rationing, the British peoples remained in a situation where they needed to fight to secure import routes. However, many believe that waste and over-consumption, especially by wealthy nations, is putting more strain on the environment than overpopulation.



          The threat of human overpopulation looms over the horizon. In 1960 the population of Earth was estimated at three billion while as of 2014 it was estimated around 7.1 billion.   With this massive rise of humans, CO2 levels have risen in the atmosphere as well. Even though larger countries have a surplus of food, third world countries wane under the stress of overpopulation and struggle to feed their people. It is easy to see why overpopulation is a big concern and needs to be addressed.



          Most countries have no direct policy of limiting their birth rates, but the rates have still fallen due to educating people about family planning and increasing access to birth control and contraception. Only China has imposed legal restrictions on having more than one child  (One-child policy). Extraterrestrial settlement and other technical solutions have been proposed as ways to mitigate overpopulation in the future.


          I had recently travelled to tourist attractions of china in 2014. I had taken some photos of the overpopulated Chinese people for you to see.     This collection of pictures shows just how overpopulated certain parts of the world currently are.





Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site



Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site



Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site




Great Wall of China, Beijing, China

Click at the picture to see a larger image
Great Wall of China, Beijing, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site




A beach in China's eastern Shandong province on a typical summer Saturday. So relaxing.

 A beach in China's eastern Shandong province on a typical summer Saturday. So relaxing.



Indian commuters hang off   a train in India

 Indian commuters hang off   a train in India.





Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site



Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China 

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan, China
UNESCO World Heritage Site




Jinli Pedestrian Street in Wuhou District, Chengdu, China

Jinli Pedestrian Street in Wuhou District, Chengdu, China

 Don't Panic The Truth About Population (Part 1)


Hans Rosling 


           Hans Rosling  (27 July 1948 – 7 February 2017) was a Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker. He was the Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet and was the co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation, which developed the Trendalyzer software system. He held presentations around the world, including several TED Talks in which he promoted the use of data to explore development issues.

          Rosling was born in Uppsala, Sweden, on 27 July 1948.   From 1967 to 1974 Rosling studied statistics and medicine at Uppsala University, and in 1972 he studied public health at St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, India. He became a licensed physician in 1976 and from 1979 to 1981 he served as District Medical Officer in Nacala in northern Mozambique. On 21 August 1981, Rosling began investigating an outbreak of konzo, a paralytic disease first described in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His investigations earned him a Ph.D. at Uppsala University in 1986.
          Rosling presented the television documentary The Joy of Stats, which was broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC Four in December 2010. He presented a documentary Don't Panic – The Truth About Population for the This World series using a Musion 3D projection display, which appeared on BBC Two in the UK in November 2013. In 2015, he presented the documentary Don't Panic: How to End Poverty in 15 Years, which was produced by Wingspan and aired on the BBC just ahead of the announcement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
          Rosling was a sword swallower, as demonstrated in the final moments of his second talk at the TED conference. In 2009 he was listed as one of 100 leading global thinkers by Foreign Policy, and in 2011 as one of 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company. In 2011 he was elected member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and in 2012 as member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences.[19] He was included in the Time 100 list of the world's 100 most influential people in 2012.


 Don't Panic The Truth About Population (Part 2)






The Planet Earth  


          This is the Earth, our planet.  Home to millions  of different species.  But only one species dominates everything.  Human beings. AT present there are nearly 7.4 billion of us  living on the Earth.  And the human population  is increasing by more than two people every second.  200,000 people every day.   Nearly 80 million people every year.
          Each additional life  needs food, energy, water, shelter  and hopefully a whole lot more.  Today we're living in an era in which the biggest threat to human wellbeing, to other species,  and to the Earth as we know it,  might well be ourselves.  The issue of population size is always controversial  because it touches on the most personal decisions we make.  But we ignore it at our peril.   There's absolutely no doubt at all  that the world's population will continue to grow.   The only question is by how much.
          More than a billion people  on the planet already lack access  to safe, clean drinking water. And we know things are going to get more difficult as the population  continues to grow.   We need to double the amount of food that we have available to us  as soon as possible.
          Each one of them will be making  their own demands on the Earth.  We have to be using water and all of the other natural resources in a much more sustainable fashion. We have to quit wasting so much,  we have to quit polluting so much, and if we do those things and if we put the science and the technology that's already available to us into  play, into implementation today,  then we have a chance  to make it into the next  30 or 40 or 50 years, and into a population of eight or nine billion.
          But if we don't start doing those things immediately,  we don't stand a chance.  If current trends unfold the way  some scientists think they will, it will be a very different planet  by the middle of this century.  The temperature may be up to two or three degrees warmer.  If that's the case,  food and most other resources  are going to be scarcer.  There will be eight or nine billion people here   and the question our children are going to ask us is,  "If you saw this coming, why weren't you able to do anything about it?"   An increasing population with an ever-decreasing supply of resources.  But humans have capabilities  that animals don't - to think rationally,  to study and to plan ahead.   The number of people on the planet  in the future depends on  the personal decisions we each make  about how many children we have. Even setting aside  the moral responsibility we have  to protect other species, if we continue to damage our ecosystems, we damage ourselves.  It's clear that we'll have to change the way we live and use our resources.  We're at a crossroads  where we can choose to cooperate or carry on regardless. Can our intelligence save us?  I hope so.







Top 10 Most Populous Countries

Rank.      Country                    Population 
1.            China                       1,386,512,535   
2.            India                         1,337,695,584  
3.            United States            325,685,789   
4.            Indonesia                  262,528,674   
5.            Brazil                         210,682,812  
6.            Pakistan                    195,427,847
7.            Nigeria                       190,203,056
8.            Bangladesh               164,185,745
9.            Russia                       143,396,773
10.          Mexico                       129,689,617



Population Overload

          Overnight, the population of the earth doubles, from about 7 billion to nearly 14 billion.


          The governments of the world attempt to cope at first by ordering the construction of gigantic highrise apartment complexes. However, the often outdated public works systems cannot handle this vastly increased load, and bridges break and sewers fail, leading to contamination of the water supply. Much of the remaining woodlands of the earth are cleared to form new farms and housing. In the meantime, emergency rationing becomes commonplace. Rationing of water and food becomes common, and countries who formerly exported grain stop the exports, leading to a drastic shortage. Even in wealthy countries, food and water resources are becoming strained as countries struggle to support the doubled population. Electrical power grids have difficulty keeping up with the increased demand. New coal plants are built to relieve the pressure, but they result in worldwide air pollution.


          Water shortage becomes the primary problem, with not enough water available for drinking or farming. Looting becomes a problem, and martial law is declared in many places. Desalination plants are built to deal with the water shortage. People in countries that lack water and food begin leaving the country in search of resources, prompting an unprecedented human migration. Many people head to the Great Lakes, forming massive tent cities.


          Over the years, a population crash occurs. The population stabilizes at 4 billion.


Aftermath Population Overload

           The story of the doubling of the world’s population is incredibly difficult to tell. The experts disagree on where the population will eventually end up. The reality is that the rate of growth has slowed down.


          In 1960, the world’s population was 3 billion. Today, it’s almost 7 billion. An enormous doubling in fifty years. We want this episode of the series to ask the question — what would happen if the population doubled again? Not over fifty year…but in an instant.


          It’s a fascinating question. What’s the carrying capacity of the planet? Could we grow enough food? Could we find enough room to live? Would there be enough water?


          They’re all interesting questions — but how do we show all the various aspects of the problem?


          To try to do that, we’ve decided that we’ll create three specific characters that we’ll follow through the show. An architect who has to try to build the buildings to house all the people in this crowded world. A farmer, who has to try to grow the food. And a landscaper in California who tries to live in this overly crowded world.

          Today we’re focusing on the California landscaper.


          We’ve placed him in Los Angeles because the prosperity of the state — the city and all the people living in Southern California — depends on water. Not the ocean, but water that’s piped in through a series of canals and pipes all the way from the Colorado River.


          In a world with twice the population you’d think that food was the biggest problem. But — as it is already in much of the world — water will be the resource that will be in shortest supply. Too bad it’s raining. Hard to create a world that’s parched for water — when it’s literally falling from the sky.


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